The Music Jams

Outdoor Jams

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The Original Mega Concerts

An era before Internet and social media - Exact numbers will never be known.  Here are the largest.

August Jam - August 10th 1974

Held on Saturday, August 10, 1974, at the Charlotte Motor Speedway outside Charlotte, North Carolina, in the United States,   the August Jam was an outdoor concert promoted by  Kaleidoscope Productions and sponsored by radio stations WAYS and WROQ.  The concert featured the Allman Brothers Band, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Foghat, Black Oak Arkansas, the Marshall Tucker Band, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Grinderswitch, PFM and others.   It was the largest concert ever held in the state of North Carolina  and overwhelmed local municipalites.   Crowd estimates using recently surfaced photographs place the crowd at well over 300,000 and some suggest as many as 400,000 when taking into the consideration the emmense crowds which gathered outside the permiter, making the August Jam one of the largest concerts held in America during that era.

August Jam front row, Aug 10th 1974.  Kneeling in plaid shirt facing camera - Joe Griffin with brother David Griffin standing in blue Tshirt.

Ozark Music Festival 1974

The Ozark Music Festival was held July 19–21, 1974 on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri. While the Woodstock Festival from 1969 is the most well-known rock festival, the Ozark Music Festival was one of the largest music festivals ever held.

California Jam 1974

California Jam (also known as Cal Jam) was a rock music festival co-headlined by Deep Purple and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, held at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario, California, on April 6, 1974. It was produced by ABC Entertainment, Sandy Feldman and Leonard Stogel. Pacific Presentations, a Los Angeles-based concert company headed by Sepp Donahower and Gary Perkins, coordinated the event, booked all the talent and ran the advertising.