Work in Progress

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The Hippie Store - Download August Jam images for Tshirts and Mugs Here

Craftting memories

Artisans were chosen who attended these mega concerts or lived in the areas affiliated with the productions.   Each piece of art is created using inpiration from original logos and crafts associated with the events in an effort to produce authenicity.   Original artists were used when possible.

Release date to be announced - August Jam posters - In order to best articulate our process, it’s important to highlight the key components that go into the work. They include the use of India ink; the technique of screen-printing paper by hand; and the selection of locally milled paper. Though Letterpress is still alive, it exists on a much smaller scale and usually only in specialty shops. The process often now involves photopolymer plates that can translate a digital design into a raised plate for use with vintage presses. It has seen a revival in recent years in the fine art, craft, and design worlds and is often used to create special invitations and posters.

Custom Mugs from North Carolina clay ( not available at this time).
Two basic methods are used to shape mugs.
Modeling: Artists begin shaping clay with their fingers, then use a pick, needle tool, and, occasionally, a potter’s wheel.
Casting: Pieces are created using molds made of fired clay or plaster. Sometimes a piece is made with a mold, and details are added by hand. Once the pieces have been made, they are dried in the shade, and then placed in the sun to complete the drying process. The final steps are finishing and firing.