Historic Events

Outdoor Festivals. Conceived in the mid to late 1960s, rock festivals were held outdoors, often in open rural areas or sports arenas, typically lasting two or more days and attracking large crowds.

American Hand Crafted Apparel

Visit the Hippie Store Collection of authetnic artisan handcrafted jewelry and apparel, an eclectic collection of authentic vintage clothing for men, women and children, including collector garments and accessories.

Eco Friendly Natural Recipies

Organic crops must be produced without conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. Animals must be given organic feed and kept free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

American Made Commenorative Gifts

August Jam, Ozark Festival, California Jam, and other outdoor concert now proudly commemerated on T-Shirts, Glasses, Mugs and other Articles. Designed in America

Feature - The August Jam

Woodstock - Part Two 1974

With a limited number of tickets sold prior to the concert, hundreds of thousands of fans showed up without tickets on the day of the performances and proceeded to crash the fences and rush to the infield.

Living the Philosophy

Experiencing the Dream

Thousands now live off the land. Here are 21 Tips For Quitting Your Job, Going Off Grid and Living The Dream. Imagine building a small house on your own in a piece of land you own.


Defining an Era

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